US - Palm Desert, CA

Style Rock (Psyche, Instrumental, Stoner)

Lead Guitar Gary Arce

Bass Mario Lalli

Drums Bill Stinson

The aural experience of Yawning Man summarizes as an intense yet graceful kaleidoscope of polyphonic musical textures. Dramatic and flowing, dark, intense and emotional.


Formed in the late 1980's, the lineup of Gary Arce, Mario Lalli, and Bill Stinson rounds out their yearlong active recording and touring schedule. Arce and Lalli’s background together date back to the start of Yawning Man with Stinson’s background steeped in the SST Records world through performing and recording with Gregg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag for several years.


Yawning Man is acknowledged and recognized throughout the underground heavy music community as a key piece in the developments of the desert/stoner rock subgenres. While their contemporaries gravitated toward the heavy riffs of grunge, and post punk, Yawning Man leaned in another direction with their unique and organic, cinematic compositions and psychedelic improvisations...the perfect soundtrack to encompass the spacious moonscape atmosphere of the well documented "generator parties" of their area in the late 1980's. It was at these gatherings where they developed this distinctive style and sound by enchanting spectators with their seemingly endless free form instrumental sessions, which echoed through the beautiful deserts, mesas, and landscapes of the Coachella Valley.


As time passed, their legend grew with notable names of the Palm Desert music scene paying homage to the group through mention and praise, notably with legendary desert band Kyuss (Joshua Homme, Brant Bjork, John Garcia, Scott Reeder) doing their own rendition of the Yawning Man track "Catamaran" on the 1995 Elektra release ..And The Circus Leaves Town. Festival appearances include Hellfest (FR), Azkena Fest (ES), Reverence Fest (ES) Desertfest London, Desertfest Berlin, Up in Smoke (CH), Psycho Las Vegas (US), Stoned & Dusted I & II (US), and various others. The recent documentaries on the Deserts unique music scene Lo Sound Desert and Desert Age give light on Yawning Man’s influential impact on underground rock music.


July 2018 finds the band releasing their most musically exciting recording to date with their 6th full length LP, “THE REVOLT AGAINST TIRED NOISES” on the ambitious up and coming independent label, HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS.


L’expérience que Yawning Man livre sur scène et à travers leurs enregistrements ressemble à un kaléidoscope plein de couleurs et de textures musicales à la fois élégantes et intenses.


Formé à la fin des années 80 par Grace Arce, Mario Lallie, Alfredo Hernandez et Larry Lalli, des amis de longue date, Yawning Man est reconnu comme un élément clé dans le développement du « stoner rock » et dans la scène heavy de Palm Desert, CA.

Tandis que leurs contemporains gravitent autours de gros riffs grunge et post punk, Yawning Man a pris une autre direction plus psychédélique, laissant place à l'improvisation.


C’est lors de rassemblements comme les « generator parties » à la fin des années 80 qu’ils se sont créés un public fidèle, grâce à leurs sessions instrumentales qui résonnaient à travers les paysages stériles et rocheux de la Coachella Valley et bien au-delà.


Avec le temps, leur légende grandit, notamment grâce à l'hommage fait par le célèbre groupe Kyuss, qui a repris le titre "Catamaran".

Avec maintenant 4 albums disponibles et un paquet d’EPs et de Splits, Yawning Man est devenu un groupe très demandé dans le monde. Le groupe a tourné plus de 10 ans en Europe et sur les continents Nord et Sud-Américains et a participé à des festivals de renom tel que le Hellfest (FR), l’Azkena Fest (SP), le Reverence Fest (SP), le Desert Fest London, Desertfest Berlin, Up in Smoke (DL), Psycho Las Vegas et plein d’autres.


Les récents documentaires « Lo Sound Desert » et « Desert Age » éclairent un peu plus l’influence et l’impact de Yawning Man sur le rock underground.


En Juillet 2018, le groupe sorti son 6ème album, "The Revolt Against Tired Noises" sur l'ambitieux label Heavy Psych Sounds.

“This is a band that makes you envision a multitude of colors when listening to their albums and the effect carries over to their live experiences as well. The raucous reaction they received from their performance left the audience dumbfounded and in disbelief upon the final chord sweep, we can only hope more comes from this group with future activity. ” (New Noise Magazine


“Yawning Man has always been an “in the know” band for the heavy rock underground, far more influential globally than commercially successful.” (The Obelisk


“One of the most impressive facets of Yawning Man is the absence of a singer and an instrumental jam band would need to be dynamic enough o fill that void, Yawning Man does it well.” (Metalwani


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